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Located in the middle of the city, and nearby the tourist attractions from one block of the main square and part of what was the house of the writer Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. Today Historical Regional Museum of Cusco.

The hotels Garcilaso present a typology of house with a colonial style that were recovered through continous interventions of restoration at early Seveties, maintaining the estructures and design of the old houses of the colonial time, its huge and beautiful yards also the archs of stone and the rooms properly equipped transport us to a colonial time.

The hotel Garcilaso I, begins its activities en the year 1971, one of the first hotels of three stars of the era, later the Hotel Garcilaso II, is integrated in the year 1985. Emphasizing the effort of the successful cusquenian businessman Mr. GUILLERMO CAMINO ARAGON, for the correct direction along the time, that made of the Hotels Garcilaso E.I.R.L., home of the hoteliers who were formed and now are businessman of success in our city.

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Address: Calle Garcilaso 233-285 - Cusco - PERU
Phone: +51 084-227951 | +51 084-233031
Fax: +51 084-222401
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